Monday, 8 October 2012


1.  yes, it's really easy to add a video.  when you are writing a new post look at the icons at the top of the page.  click on the clapperboard and you can choose a clip to upload.

2.  same as above.

3.  if it doesn't work we can try and do it together

4.  I know what you mean about knowing who is who.  I did think that but now I quite like the ambiguity and that you have to read through to find out what is going on and that the text is responding to the previous text.  We can change the font - same tool bar as above.

5.  It's our work.  "the straight path is lost"
We are going there our own way.

Practically, I'm not sure how many female artists there are with children.  I think some woman make the choice not to have children as their work gives their life purpose and direction.  Alternatively, with one child, the period of intense parenting, when it really is impossible to do much else, is 5 years - just a work sabbatical really!  The good news is that it is no longer necessary/tolerated/expected for men to preen themselves and believe their work is so incredible and important - taking over the role as main carer and looking after the household is not viewed as failing.  I think the difficult part is realising we can't have everything - time, money, holidays, relationships, success, a tidy house, good food and drink......Shame though.

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