Monday, 17 September 2012

Ok, not the images I was expecting. Interesting.

Nice though. I like the red wig and I like the weirdness.

But what I really like is the way it makes me question the whole idea of the project.

Suppose we say that the white screen behind this blog is the white walls of the gallery that we are making for ourselves, and that the piece that we are making has to be a conversation, because there are two of us, but isn't exactly a private conversation. Then what? It can't be completely formless, because this is art (right?) not random personal musings. But because it is taking the blog form, it has to have some element of randomness, of conversation, with its twists and turns and unresolved moments.

Though while we are at it, why shouldn't art be random personal musings, just with backbone?

How about this for a skeletal structure?

The confluence of family and the outside world, the public and the private, intimacy and openness. The pressing desire to inhabit both successfully and the the intense annoyance that just doing one well takes more time that we've got anyway. And certainly about the position of women in this- woman artists, woman parents.

Which brings me to the woman in your picture (and to the queen!).

Tell me again why you call her a suicide girl?

I know the pictures you are talking about- queen-wise. There was one hanging at the border crossing when I went in to Canada, young with a blue velvet robe and an orb in her hand, with short curled hair. Have you tried the Commonwealth Institute?

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