Friday, 14 September 2012

We have moths too.

This morning I got up at 6.15. I had to sing 'The North Wind Doth Blow' to Coni to stop him crying and persuade him that it was a bad idea to go to kindergarten in his pirate t-shirt and cut off jeans. I gave them all breakfast. I made Riva's packed lunch and put it in her bag. I gave them their vitamins, and then had to clear up the one Lila chewed for a bit and spat on the floor. I got Riva off the loo and brushing her teeth with a mixture of begging, threats and shouting. I got them to put on their shoes and their jackets and heaved their bags on their backs, and I put their cycle helmets on and James loaded them all on the bike. I called from the door "I love you! Have a lovely day!" to each one because I always think- if they have an accident, if anything happens, I want my last memory of them to be something I could bare.

Then I cleared up the breakfast things. It's my day at the studio and I wanted so much to go early but it was a tip, it was a disaster zone, and it seemed rotten that James would have to come back to that. It took forever and I did it badly. I brushed my teeth but I didn't have time for a shower, and I came to the studio. I am going to work today, but I have to order Riva's new bed first because we promised her she could have her own room when she started Class 1 and she's been there a week and a half now.

I love what I've got, and I know that I'm lucky. But I don't know if this is the way to go about winning the Turner Prize. And they have an age limit Sue, so we have to hurry.

Can you send me an image?

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